Janice & Ji (Hong Kong) – Lestari Bali Wedding

Janice & Ji (Hong Kong)

A big thank to you and your team from Jenice and Ji! Organizing a perfect wedding never is an easy task especially more than 50 guests from different countries on my wedding day.
Very impressed, our wedding ceremony and banquet held at Infinity Garden of Conrad Bali. It couldn’t be perfected without your team, fully respect from my heart and thanks to your help and effort. One thing I was so happy that you made and planed everything went smooth and perfect from the beginning; march-in to flower-shower. The moment balloon released and toasting etc. The venue set up at the banquet was a girl been always dreaming of, it was so beautiful, the beauty of decoration in classic was touching me deeply. The photographer and videographer crews were fun to work with and the spirit of good work. And not forget to highlight were they very good sense in capturing the important moments of our big day.
And no regret that you also planed a great day tour to our guests, their feedback was so happy to enjoyed, thank you very very much. I will definitely recommend to all couples who would like to have wedding ceremony /day at Bali, chosee Lestari Bali Wedding & Tour, discuss your needs with Ms. Khimberly Wen, indeed, you will reserve the most valuable gift (beautiful memories that would last in a lifetime.